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How cigars are made (9-Part Video Series)

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Here you will find a 9-part video series that clearly shows and properly explains the complete process of cigar manufacturing. 


The videos cover the entire process from seedlings in the nursery, harvesting, curing, rolling, quality control right through to the final packaging stage.


You won't find a better explanation anywhere and your host is none other than Mr. Rocky Patel himself.


Enjoy the videos!


Part 1 - Introduction


Part 2 - The Tobacco Plant Nursery


Part 3 - The Tobacco Fields


Part 4 - The Curing Barns


Part 5 - The Fermentation Process


Part 6 - The Tobacco Selection Process


Part 7 - The Final Sorting Process


Part 8 - Production & Quality Control


Part 9 - Final Packaging & Farewell




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