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Only the best cigars will receive this accolade. All cigars we review and rate will be considered for the Humidor Premium Select Accolade. This means that the relevant cigar deserves a place in each cigar lover's humidor. Only the best cigars can receive this accolade on our rating page.

Cigars are rated and reviewed on: 

Appearance & Presentation (20 points) 

Quality of construction (20 points)

Flavour/taste (40 points)

Overall satisfaction rating (20 points). 

Total points: 100 Maximum.

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Cigar Affection's Cigar Ratings & Reviews Directory

Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 Years Aged - Koi Perfecto #2

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 18-04-2013


Comments: It is superb and well-constructed cigar to enjoy with flavours of leather, cedar, cocoa and earth.  Read the full review here >>>

Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 08-04-2013


Comments: A really classy and great tasting cigar with notes of leather, wood, cocoa bean, bitter chocolate and nuts. Read the full review here >>>

Cohiba Maduro 5 Mágicos

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 04-03-2013


Comments: A strong cigar with a dark wrapper. Leather, wood, roasted coffee bean combined with smokey wood and toasty flavours. A great cigar!  Read the full review here >>>

Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 04-03-2013


Comments: This is a real gentleman's cigar! Great feeling with a modern look to match! This cigar didn't win awards just because of it's looks! It is one of the best tasting cigars in the world. Read the full review here >>>

Davidhoff 2000 Tubos 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 27-02-2012

Comments: No one can deny the fact that Davidhoff projects style and class. Price is a huge factor and that is one of the reasons that not many smoke them. Zino Davidhoff always said: "Smoke less, but better and longer." You can decide for yourself if you can live with his mantra. This cigar is very mild and although we at Cigar Affection prefer a more "in your face" kind of cigar you can't ignore a cigar like this. It is very easy to smoke, burns evenly with its light wrapper but it will not give you a kick in the face. It is too much of a gentleman! Perfect for an after breakfast cigar and lovely to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Cedar wood and pure tobacco flavours abound. The smoke is rich and creamy, but if you want flavour bursts of spice, leather and chocolate then sadly this cigar is not for you. May be a bit dry for some palates but nevertheless a great cigar.

José L. Piedra Brevas 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 26-02-2012

Comments: The wrapper is covered with veins and is a little rough around the edges. This is to be expected due to the lower price point. The 1/3 is spectacular with leather and cedar wood and then goes into a stronger 2/3 of pure tobacco flavours. It runs completely out of steam in 3/3 and you only get very mild and gentle tobacco flavours at the end. It makes huge amounts of white smoke. A very well priced easy after dinner cigar to enjoy while sipping on caramel vodka or something sweet.

Cohiba Siglo VI

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 25-02-2012


Comments:A great cigar with a length of 150mm and a 52 ring gauge. It is not one of the cheapest cigars out there, but worth the money for a special occasion. True Cohiba taste. Creamy, dark chocolate, and leather notes. A beautifully smooth wrapper with an even burn. They come in tubes too. Looks very impressive. 

 Partagas Serie E No.2   

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 23-02-2012  


Comment: Longer and with a thicker gauge of 54 compared to the Serie D No.4's 50 gauge. A very good cigar to smoke and enjoy with great woody, chocolate and floral notes. Highly recommended.

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 22-02-2012


Comment: Rich and with a lot of creamy smoke! Looks great, feels great and most importantly - it tastes great. A nifty cigar.

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.1

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 20-02-2012

Comment: This is a 46 gauge cigar with hints of sweet spice, nuts and coffee. Great smoke!

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 19-02-2012


Comment: What a cigar! It is really one of those cigars that you wish will never end. Salty, leathery and pure tobacco flavours. Get one!

Romeo y Julieta Churchills

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 17-02-2012


Comment: One of those legend cigars! Nice clear spice flavours with hints of wood and leather. Every cigar lover should smoke one of these at least once in their lives.

Gurkha 125th Anniversary Edition 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 11-02-2013


Comments: You can smoke 3 of these in a row! That is how good it is! Read the full review here >>>

Romeo y Julieta No.1 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 10-02-2013

Comments: A very safe floral, leathery and woody flavoured well priced cigar. A safe choice if you are not the adventurous type. 

Vegas Robaina - Clasicos 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 10-02-2013


Comments: If you can still find one of these then don't let it slip through your fingers! The medium to strong flavoured cigar is perfect with some smooth, creamy, dark chocolate and spice notes to name just a few. They are nearly too beautiful to smoke...

Quintero Nacionales

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 09-02-2013

Comments: This is not a complex cigar but difficult to place in the flavour spectrum. Flavour hints of earth with a slight sweet tobacco and old dark coffee flavour. 

Punch  Petit Coronas

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 08-02-2013

Comments: This is a very good little cigar. Burns very well with a good construction. Very aromatic. Good flavour without bitterness. A great every day smoke! In the region of R80.00 a piece. It will make you happy if you are looking for a quick and easy smoke.

Partagas Serie D No.4 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 07-02-2013


Comments: This may very well be one of the most adored Robusto's on the market. If you enjoy Partagas quality then this is one of the best cigars available beyond any doubt. Great tasting with hints of sweet tobacco, dark chocolate and plenty of smoke!

Partagas Mille Fleurs

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 06-02-2013

Comments: Similar in style to the Montecristo No.4. A nice salty cigar with hints of leather and tobacco. A really good deal!

Partagas Serie P No.2 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 05-02-2013


Comments: A real cigar in true Partagas style! This pyramid/torpedo has a gauge of 52 and a length of 156mm and is a favourite size amongst cigar lovers world wide. Beautifully hand crafted work of art! Pepper, spice, leather, coffee and even dark chocolate is present in this exciting cigar. Bring it on!

Montecristo No.5 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 04-02-2013

Comments: With a gauge of 40 and a length of 102mm. Very similar to Cohiba's Siglo I. There is nothing wrong with this cigar. It is safe to say that this is a mini No.4 but not nearly as popular.

Montecristo No.4 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 03-02-2013

Comments: Coffee, leather, slight chocolate flavours skillfully blended with a mild tobacco taste. Generally believed to be the best selling cigar in the world! Also a great cigar for a beginner!

Montecristo No.2 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 02-02-2013


Comments: A classic Montecristo cigar that deserves your respect. A well known international favourite. Looks and feels superb. Cocao, coffee, leather and spice is present in the flavour spectrum.

Montecristo No.1 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 01-02-2013


Comments: No.1, No.3, No.4 and No.5 are fairly similar in taste. This was the cigar Al Pacino asked for in the movie, The scent of a woman. So if you want to taste what Al wanted to taste then try one of these!

Montecristo Petit Edmundo

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 31-01-2013

Comments: The shorter baby brother of Montecristo Edmundo. It is just 110mm but same 52 gauge of the Montecristo Edmundo. Well balanced cigar. Comes in a tube too. 

Bolivar Belicosos Finos

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 30-01-2013


Comments: One of Cigar Aficionado's top 25 cigars of 2012. This is a strong and full bodied cigar for the adventurous and experienced smoker. Wood, leather and cocao is present in the flavours and this will give you a great cuban taste.

Cohiba Espléndidos 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 28-01-2013


Comments: One of the best "Churchills" on the market. Not cheap but very well made and great to enjoy. Medium to strong. It can surprise you because it looks milder than it is although it is not a wild cigar. Rich and creamy with a great feel!

Cohiba Siglo II 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 27-01-2013

Comments: Similar in taste and strength to the Siglo I. Lenght of 129mm. A well made, classic Cohiba Siglo. You can't really find fault with this cigar.

Cohiba Siglo I 

Rated by Cigar Affection. Date: 25-01-2013

Comments: The Siglo line of cigars is milder than the rest of this Cuban brand's other ranges. They all taste fairly similar with a mild sweet tobacco taste. A lenght of 102mm.

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