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The new Cigar Band of Montecristo

Cigar News | 27 February 2013 |

Posted by Jeandré Hartman of Cigar Affection  


Together with Montecristo’s two new vitolas during the 15th Habano Festival, the prestigious Cuban brand is also launching a new band, an image that helps to underscore its quality. The new band is printed by Vrijdag Premium Printing.


The two new vitolas form Montecristo is a Petit No.2 which is a smaller version of the Montecristo No.2 as well as a Double Edmundo - a longer (and thinner) version of the Edmundo.



The Petit No.2 is a 102mm / 52 ring guage little monter and the Double Edmundo is a 156mm/50 ring gauge. It should be noted that the regular as well as the Petit Edmundo has a ring gauge of 52.


Both of the new vitolas will be released with the new band.

“Based upon this old and very well-known design, the new Montecristo design brings in a new dimension,” the Dutch businessman Henk Nota President of Vrijdag Premium Printing said, and added that “The combination of printing techniques enriches the design and has a strong eye appeal.” 

At the same time, the new band delivers a higher profile to an image that’s been recognized around the world for decades.

“The use of special printing and embossing techniques will support the unique identity of the brand,” he went on to say. “Besides the pride that all of the Vrijdag team has by making the MC bands, the new design also emphasizes the technical core competence of our company.” 

“The combination of printing techniques in registration with high gloss hot foil, detailed embossing and secure cutting, really challenges our production team to the utmost,” he said.

This year celebrates its 15th festival and Mr. Nota underlined the event’s importance for the marketing of premium Cuban cigars. “It is the place, once per year, where many cigar enthusiasts, in retail, distribution, press and consumers, who visit Cuba enjoy the week,” he concluded.





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